October 15th

Market Report

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London November wheat closed down 25p at £135.50 but, the November position is getting ‘technical’ and May 20 closed up 65p (£144), November 20 + 95p (£147.80).

Trade dominated by logistical headaches, ports are busy trying to execute sales by end the of October; weather and a lack haulage is not helping the situation.

US markets mixed, wheat and soya up but corn unchanged
Surprisingly, corn is not reacting to weather issues; crops in north west plains have been lost by weather affecting immature crops.
Soya continues to climb on the back of trade talk hopes; is it coincidence China wants some agreement as Brazilian soya values reach 2019 high as supplies get short
Markets not helped by stronger $, lower oil and stock prices

Russian spring yields better due to weather. Russian winter wheat yield estimated 3.52 t/h ( 5 year average 3.65 t/h), winter barley 4.18 t/h (4.09 t/h), spring wheat 1.74 t/h (1.62 t/h), spring barley 2.26 t/h (2.15 t/h), corn 5.51 t/h (4.92 t/h)

Swine fever continues to spread, South Korea employing snipers with thermal Imaging to eliminate feral pigs crossing from North Korea

author: Joe Beardshaw