August 12th

Continued dry weather is bringing the "perfect storm" to grain prices...

For the first time in 20 years at Aylsham, I have seen every commodity we trade (except pulses) harvested on the same day. This is putting grain movement under extreme pressure, add to that high yields and inevitably something has to break!

The trade is not geared up to cope and somewhere in the near future the price is going to take the hit - regardless of other world events. After the rush is over and the barn doors close there are many reasons for a price recovery, mainly around corn (maize) production in Europe and the US. If you have adequate storage and strong nerves there should be similar prices, at least, to the current values after the mayhem.

The early yield reports on wheat are very good from strong to medium land, this might also give a further negative effect to prices.

The good news is the opportunity to harvest everything in a dry condition which gives the opportunity to store in sheds that could not handle wet grain.

OSR harvest is nearly completed in Southern England and we expect to see a firmer market kicking in after the movement rush is over.

author: Andrew Dewing