March 02nd

New Store at South Pickenham

We are pleased to announce a new store for 2015 at South Pickenham. In time for harvest, construction of a new 26,000T grain store will be complete at Grange Farm, South Pickenham, establishing a local delivery point to service surrounding growers. We have proven around the county that this model works as growers see the benefit from being paid to haul their own grain direct to store at their convenience.

The site is very easily accessible, situated just off the A47. Intake will be open for full harvest hours (7am-7pm Mon-Sat) to allow as much as possible to be delivered direct off the combine. The store will be a registered ICE Liffe Futures Store and therefore will be able to offer a premium market for your crop.

For further information please call us on 01263 731550.