August 07th

Two new stores for 2015

South Pickenham estate have erected a 26,000 tonne store just off the A47 (near the McDonald's roundabout at Swaffham). We will be filling the surplus to the states production in the facility. There are two 13,000 tonne flat stores with drying facilities on-site. Turnaround will be quick with "tail board" tipping in the sheds and a 120 tonne-per-hour intake pit.

Fransham is a new 5,000 tonne shed built by Robert and Ed Salmon. The farm is looking to the future and the possible opportunities of increasing their contract farming agreements, having sufficient capacity to offer storage as part of the deal is an attractive benefit.

Our agreement is to fill the excess space to maximise store income and bring the benefit of the higher price achieved by registering the site as a Futures store.

This is the tried and tested model we have used at the other sites we have storage agreements with. You can find a list of other stores here..

author: Andrew Dewing