Jun 17 2019

40 – Tom Dye – Good Farming

This week we hear from Tom Dye, MD of Albanwise Farming Ltd.

This week we hear from Tom Dye, MD of Albanwise Farming Ltd., who talks about 'good farming'. Tom and Andrew discuss the problems of black grass, how livestock are used in rotation and how the agronomy sector needs to evolve. They also discuss what it takes to recruit and retain the right sort of staff.

In our newly tweaked format, there's no separate Farmchat, but Tom joins Andrew and Webby for a drop of Moongazer's 'Jumper' Norfolk Amber as the conversation moves onto the topic of the Tory leadership contest, the need for strategic planning and one of Andrew's favourite subjects: Coastal erosion.

As usual, the podcast begins with the market report in which Andrew's gives you his latest insights into what's happening in the market for week commencing 17th June.
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