Oct 21 2019

58 – Peter Riley – The Agronomist’s View Part 2

This week we hear Part 2 of Andrew and Webbys conversation with Peter Riley

In the Dewing Grain marketing report for week commencing 21st October 2019, recorded before Saturday's events in Parliament, Andrew gives you his latest insights into the markets.

In this week's Farmchat we hear Part 2 of Andrew and Webby's conversation with Peter Riley, Agronomist at Farmacy PLC. Peter shares his thoughts on how the role of the agronomist has developed from its agro-chemical background to the future where a different skill set will be needed.

To listen to Part 1, please go to episode 54 from 23rd September.

Our beer this week is Treason West Coast IPA, which is such a hit that we consider awarding it a Dewing Grain Podcast award to add to its other accolades.

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