Aug 20 2018

Dewing Grain Podcast - Introduction and Trailer

Welcome to the trailer for the Dewing Grain Podcast - the independent grain trader for farmers.

This new and informative programme will air weekly on a Monday morning and will feature Andrew Dewing of Dewing Grain, well known for his thorough research and keen insights, informing farmers about the latest market news and demystifying the process of grain trading. Each episode will include a market report on fundamentals such as the weather and international affairs as well as an in depth feature where Andrew will meet and interview leaders in agriculture.

The podcasts will be rounded off with Farmchat, in which Andrew and a guest sample a local beer, chew the fat and offer ill-informed opinions on everything from farming fashion to who's got the biggest yield. The podcast launches on 27th August.

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The Dewing Grain Podcast is co-produced by and