Feb 17 2020

73 – Andrew and Webby – Love Is All Around...

Andrew and Webby discuss the wheat price and how to get farmers selling

We start with Andrew and the Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 17th February 2020 and his particular focus is on barley this week - although all crops are covered.

In Farmchat, Andrew and Webby are chewing the cud together and drinking a beer that has been sent in by an avid listener this week - they have an on farm brewery called Great Newsome and the beer they are drinking this week is Sleck Dust - which slips down very nicely and fuels some chat about the markets. They discuss the wheat price and how to get farmers selling. The two lotharios aka Andrew and Webby also touch on valentines and who got a card - they try to pretend they aren't old romantics at heart - but there's plenty of love to go round.

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