Mar 02 2020

75 – Roger Jones – Old School Ties

Andrew catches up with old school friend Roger Jones

The Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 2nd March 2020 gives you Andrew’s latest insights into all that’s going on in the markets, including the ongoing impact of the coronavirus.

In Farmchat Andrew catches up with old school friend Roger Jones who, when he managed to show up, was at Acle Secondary Modern with Andrew in the 70s. Roger is the 4th generation of his family to farm at South Walsham and the conversation soon turns to Andrew’s favourite subject of coastal erosion, the response to which Roger describes as “fiddling while Rome burns”. Roger farms his 120 acres of arable land, as well as 200 acres of contract farming and ‘dodges about’ with other work. This is feasible by keeping overheads low and doing as much of the work as possible himself. The smaller farmer may be more about the lifestyle and enjoying the process but are their days numbered?

Our beer this week is another one sent in by a listener - a trend we’re growing to love. It’s Wellington Bomber Porter 5% by Glebe Farm Foods and gets a resounding thumbs up.

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