Apr 13 2020

81 – David Hoyles – Before The Lockdown

This week features an interview we recorded just before the lockdown in March with David Hoyles

This week we have the usual market report from Andrew for week commencing Tuesday 14th April. We are then playing an interview we recorded just before the lockdown in March, which we have been keen to put out for a while. Andrew and Joe chat with David Hoyles who farms in the Long Sutton area of Lincolnshire. He explains how the weather has impacted him this last year, he talks about growing mustard and how renewable energy is one of his major crops. They get on the carbon debate again and the benefits of working in groups and cooperatives for sharing information and marketing.

We hear about what the amazing soils around David can yield and then they crack into the beer after discussing the sloe gin which has already been consumed in a recent recording!

This week they are drinking Moongazer Bouchart 4.9% whilst Andrew retells a story of drinking mild

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