Apr 27 2020

83 – Andrew & Webby – Disinfecting Their Way Through Life

The Dewing Grain Podcast returns for week commencing 27th April 2020

Andrew kicks off this week’s podcast with the Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 27th April 2020.

In Farmchat Andrew is back with Webby and he wastes no time in getting to the most important question over nappies - some trauma is revealed. Trump is next to be taken down a peg or two with his recent solutions to Covid-19 - why didn't we all realise we just needed to drink some disinfectant or stand under some UV light?!! Then they move on to the Aldborough vigilantes...should Londoners come to their second homes?

Andrew and Webby discuss the oil price drop and the implications this may have, plus they also discuss storage and will Norfolk be full? Andrew has a funny turn and starts being nice to millers and wondering if there is something pleasant to say to Londoners...

Lastly, a big shout out to Ben’s wife Sarah who, with colleagues, is still producing visors for healthcare workers.

No beer this week.

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