May 04 2020

84 – Rob Melton – Storage Issues

Andrew is joined by Rob Melton, Manager at Aylsham Grain Store

In the Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 4th May 2020 Andrew talks about the reduction in demand from the wholesale market as lockdown continues.

In Farmchat Andrew is joined by Rob Melton, Manager at Aylsham Grain Store. As Rob approaches his seventh harvest at Aylsham, he explains what goes into managing the storage at Dewing Grain and how it differs from farm storage.

From the initial tests carried out on the bridge, to the temperature probes and stringent monitoring, the aim is always to ensure that the grain remains top quality so that it can be delivered to the malsters without any problems or claims, thereby achieving the malting grade for as many tonnes as possible for the store members.

Andrew reminisces about grain store keepers from years gone by and we hear about the annual award for the spillage idiot.

There’s a welcome return to our regular beer slot, a reminder of what it used to be like when you could have a drink with friends. This week it’s Friday IPA 6.5% by And Union in Bavaria.

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