Oct 12 2020

107 - Bruin Maufe - Beer Tasting Malt Coast

Andrew is joined by Bruin Maufe to chat all things brewing and how their North Norfolk Brewery came to be.

As always the podcast begins with Andrews thoughts and feelings on the week ahead in the Market Report.

And in Farmchat this week, Andrew is joined by another member of the Maufe family, Bruin Maufe. Brothers Bruin and Max both recently returned to Norfolk after spending their 20's in London, and have since set up a Brewery at their father's farm, brewing with the malt they grow in North Norfolk. In today's episode Bruin talks to Andrew about the honesty that comes with working with family and how the brewery came to be and Andrew has the absolute pleasure of tasting some of the beers on offer from Malt Coast (Spoiler Alert! He was not disappointed).

You can find more information about Malt Coast here - www.maltcoast.com or @maltcoast on social media.
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