Nov 16 2020

112 - Jeremy Savage - How It All Started - Part One

Andrew is joined by Jeremy Savage for part one of their conversation discussing the early years of Jeremys career.

On this week's podcast we kick off with Andrew and the market report for week commencing 16th November 2020. Andrew shares his thoughts on there finally being a Brexit deal, there's a lack of information on peas and beans (stay tuned for next week!) and hopefully some dry weather to come for everyone still getting spuds out of the ground!

In Farmchat this week, Andrew had the pleasure of being joined (socially distanced of course) by Jeremy Savage - who has worked in the grain trade for 60 years - for the legend slot. Andrew's conversation with Jeremy will feature in this week's and next week's podcast so make sure to listen next week for part 2. In this weeks episode Jeremy talks about the early years of his career and where it all started.
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