Dec 14 2020

116 - Andrew Dewing - An Education On Futures

Part of our education series, this week Andrew discusses futures and their place in the marketplace.

We start off this week's episode with our market report for week commencing 14th December 2020, where Andrew gives his thoughts and feelings on the market for the week ahead and what's to come in the early part of 2021. As everyone starts the take their foot off the gas for Christmas things start to slow down, and Andrew suggests we need to ramp up the beer drinking (of course!).

The market report is followed by Farmchat, which this week is part of our education series, and on a topic dear to Andrew's heart. A brilliant episode for anyone new to trading as Andrew talks futures and their place in the marketplace. Something Andrew is very passionate about, (you’ll find this out quite quickly by the regular rants in this week's episode) futures have gotten themselves a bad name amongst some accountants and Chief Exec’s but today Andrew is talking about what they actually are, the history of how they came to be and why they’re so important to the trade.

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