Oct 15 2018

08 - Rob Mutimer - And The Award Goes To...

This week Andrew is joined by Rob Mutimer

This week Andrew is joined by Rob Mutimer fresh from him and his wife Helen winning Pig Farmer of the Year at the Farmer's Weekly Awards. Rob talks about his parents campaigning for people to eat British pork, how he has grown his butchery business Farm to Fork supplying restaurants and pubs across East Anglia alongside supplying Waitrose and his thoughts on Brexit, supermarkets and what he will do next.

The Dewing Grain market report for the week commencing 15/10/2018 gives Andrew’s latest insights into the markets and in Farmchat Ian Webster is joined by grain trader Ben Schadla-Hall to talk about the price of a pint and what Andrew might have hidden in his drinks cabinet. As it's a morning recording, they opt for a pick me up with Wild Awake Coffee IPA from the Wildcraft Brewery.

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Episode 8