Oct 08 2018

07 - Professor Christobel Uauy (Science Series) - Gene Genie

This week Claire heads down to the John Innes Centre

This week Claire heads down to the John Innes Centre, our local world-renowned agricultural science centre, to meet Professor Cristobal Uauy to find out all about the wheat genome which after 13 years of work by scientists across the globe was finally published this summer. Professor Uauy tells Claire all about how this incredible detailed mapping of all the genes in wheat will impact farmers and what a beautiful genetically adaptable plant wheat is - which is one of the reasons why it accounts for almost 20% of the total calories and protein consumed by humans worldwide, more than any other single food source.

The Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 08/10/2018 gives Andrew’s latest insights into the markets and in Farmchat Andrew and Dewing Grain trader Ian Webster talk Brexit over a pint of Bullards No. 1 Pale Ale in the Recruiting Sergeant.

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