Oct 29 2018

10 - Ben Turner - Keeping The Wheels Turning

This week Andrew is joined by Ben Turner of Ben Burgess

This week Andrew is joined by Ben Turner of Ben Burgess to talk about the amazing advances in technology that allow for problems to be identified and fixed before they even happen, helping to ensure that vital equipment is always working and always productive. They also talk Brexit and big tractors, and discuss retaining staff - how to do it and why it matters.

The Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 29/10/2018 is presented this week by Josh Dewing and includes our usual insights into the markets. In a Farmchat recorded before they headed off to the European Bourse in Rouen, Ian Webster is once again joined by grain trader Ben Schadla-Hall to talk about the organic sector and why Ben is definitely not a sandal-wearing chunky-knit flexitarian. To ease things along Ian and Ben sample a pint of Moongazer Nelson’s Orange Ale.

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Episode 10