Jan 14 2019

19 - Small Robot Company (Part 2) - Not Just Any Old Tom, Dick And Harry!

Part two of Andrews interview with Sam Watson Jones of the Small Robot Company

In part two of Andrew's interview with Sam Watson Jones of the Small Robot Company, Sam paints a picture of the future where farmers use the small precision robots on their farm as a service, allowing them to get on with other elements of farming and diversification better suited to their skills. He explains in more detail the potential he sees in these robots even potentially harvesting crops eventually and encourages Andrew not to see the farm in fields any more but down to square cms where you might see several different crops and environmental schemes in one field. Andrew is left musing as to whether, when Sam gets round to making an AI grain trading robot, he could name it after him?

The Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 14/01/2019 gives you Andrew's latest insights into the markets and, continuing with Dry January, Andrew and Webby sample a drop of Aylsham tap water as they talk about service vs front end price in Farmchart.

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Episode 19