Jan 21 2019

20 - Jon Duffy - Dressed For Success

This week Andrew is over at AF (formerly Anglian Famers) to meet with CEO Jon Duffy

This week Andrew is over at AF (formerly Anglian Famers) to meet with CEO Jon Duffy. They talk about AF, how his first two years there have been and the excitement of being able to share £1million with its 3,500 shareholders this year. With Jon Duffy having formerly been business director for Frontier, Andrew sees it as very opportune to ask him about Frontier taking over the selling of the grain for the Fengrain store and subsequent tonnage that trades within it and ask whether Frontier are getting too powerful? They talk about the AF conference that is coming up and Jon slides in that there are still some tickets available.

As usual, we bring you Andrew's latest insights into the market in the Dewing Grain market report for the week commencing 21/01/2019. In Farmchat, over a bottle of Badoit sparkling mineral water (which they can't pronounce), Andrew and Webby confess to a slight falling off the wagon during Dry January as they continue the discussion around the implications of Frontier taking on the grain marketing of Fengrain.

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Episode 20