Apr 15 2019

32 – David Wright – Down At The Mill – Part 2

Andrew is back at Wrights Mill for part two of his interview with David Wright

Andrew is back at Wright's Mill for part two of his interview with David Wright, complete with background noise from the odd heavy vehicles passing through. They chat about Brexit and David's legacy - especially his new mill in Harlow that will be opening soon. They also discuss the problems of supply chains and 'no shows' of wheat deliveries, with bakers chomping at the bit for more flour to meet their bread needs.

The market report for week commencing 15th April 2019 gives you Andrew's latest insights into what's happening in the market, whilst in Farmchat we have a full house as Andrew is joined by Webby, Josh and Joe to resurrect the Apple or Android debate and try to achieve the impossible dream - a consensus on where we should go with Brexit.

We're taking a break for Easter but the Dewing Grain Podcast will be back on Monday 29th April.

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